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Face Painting Design


Hi, what could be more fun than a game of imagination? Certainly the most interesting ability is imagination and today we take advantage of it through this game for girls. Here expect you some funny minutes. If you like to draw today you'll be able to make drawing on a wonderful thing, you'll be able to paint faces. Painting is an art and through this you could be the author of an artistic moment. We created this painting game for you, you knew that you would love to play with us every day. Our friend is a very beautiful young, she wants to go to a masquerade. You will have to draw the most beautiful eye mask, you have to be very careful about how you use the colors as young wants to have the most beautiful eyes. We know that we made the right choice and you're the perfect child for this mission.Here you'll be able to make new friends. You should follow the instructions that we have prepared especially for you.- You have to know two of our friends;- They decided to go to a specialized salon;- They want the most beautiful paintings;- Must prepare some paints;- You must help to prepare;- Wash skin;- Apply a moisturizing mask;- Rinse with warm water;- Apply slices of kiwi in the eyes;- Remove blackheads;- Clip the eyebrows;- You have to makeup her, apply: contact lenses, lipstick, mascara, eye shadow and brow pencil;- Then you must choose a beautiful hairstyle;- The fun part is that you need to paint;- Choose the best brushes;- Then you have to prepare colors;- Apply with a brush;- You have to make the most interesting models;- Make a star on the chin;- Now you have to help her choose the most beautiful accesories;- Must take a necklace, bracelet and earrings;- Alina looks very good;
Alina likes you very much, you will have to come back every day to help her through this game painted girls.
Have fun!